The desktop is a tool for each user, where he can work with metrics, see if his attention requires the approval of financial plan applications, if he has any open courses, how many open tasks for today.


Working with metrics

The user's desktop shows all the metrics available to him, as well as the metrics of his subordinates

Employees can fill in their own metrics here, set quotas for subordinates' metrics, and manage their metrics (transfer at dismissal, see archive data). Read more about working with metrics in the Metrics article.

To have more or fewer periods displayed on the chart, you should go to Settings -> Structure -> Setup Metrics and specify the desired value in the Number of periods in metrics field

Notifications on the desktop

In addition to metrics, the user's desktop displays notifications about:

  • Academy courses you are due to take;
  • FinPlan requests that are pending your approval
  • Tasks open for the day
If an employee has an expired mandatory course, the employee's metrics will be blocked and he or she will not be able to enter data until he or she has completed the course.

Metrics report

From the user desktop, you can go to the metrics report. The data in the report is visible by its metrics, as well as the metrics of the subordinates. That is, the company owner, sees the metrics of the entire company.