Most of the accesses in the system are tied to positions (access to articles in the knowledge base, courses, cash registers in finance, dashboards, checklists, etc.). This is done to automate the process of access management. As soon as an employee takes a position, he gets access to all necessary materials and sections of the project.
Also all employees have access by default:
  • to view the structure
  • to read documents in open sections of the knowledge base
  • view and change their own metrics and those of their subordinates
  • creation of dashboards
  • creation of requests in the financial plan (if at least one expense type is created for a position)
However, a number of sections and tools require the fine-tuning of accesses for specific users of your project. This happens on the "Accesses" page in the settings.

To open it, click on your Avatar in the upper left corner -> Settings. A section with tool settings will appear, and in the general settings will be the "Accesses" item, as shown in the screenshot:

If you do not see this item when you open the settings, most likely you do not have permissions to edit accesses, you need to contact your project administrator to get the appropriate permissions.

In this section you see all users of the project and their individual accesses to the tools. You can edit accesses for each employee: