Assigning people to positions

Once employees have been added to the project, they can be assigned to positions. To do this, in the structure editing mode, click on the position name in the required block, or on the gear in the right corner of the block and there "Edit employees".

A window opens in which you can select an employee. You can select any number of employees for each position.

Here you can also remove an employee from the post by removing him from the field. After making the changes, click the "Save" button.

If there is no such button

If you do not have the "Edit employees" button, nothing happens when you click on the position title, most likely you do not have permissions to assign employees to the position. To get the rights, ask your project administrator (usually the user who holds the post on the topmost block) to go to Project Settings -> Accesses. 
After opening your accesses, in the "Structure" block check the accesses for assigning line workers or assigning managers, or both.

Noting the probationary period

After you have added people to a position, you can indicate whether an employee has passed the probationary period or not. To do this, hover your mouse over the employee's name in the structure editing mode and a button will appear to the right of it, which, when clicked, will change the employee's status.

Employees on probation are displayed in red, employees who have passed their probation are displayed in blue. You can set the color of employees on probation in the structure settings.