Adding employees 

To assign a certain employee to a certain position, you must first add him/her to the system. 
To do this, go to Company -> Employees

If you have access to add employees, in the upper right corner you will see a button to add a new employee.There are two ways to add employees:

One at a time

To add, it is obligatory to specify only an email. It will be used to log in, the password will be sent in the welcome email to this email. If you do not specify a password when adding an employee, it will be generated automatically.    
If you have already added employees and configured rights for them, so that you do not have to repeat the action for each new employee, you can select an employee who already has the necessary set of rights in the "Rights as from" field. For example, if you have already added a knowledge base and academy administrator, and you need one more employee like that, you can select it from the drop-down list in this field.

Bulk Adding 

This is convenient if you need to add many employees at a time. 
To do this, write the email, user name and password on each line, separated by commas:
Please note: if an employee is already registered in Platrum, they will still have their current password, even if you give them a new password when adding them to your project.

If employees do not have email

There are situations when you need to add employees without email. In this case, you can specify one general company email and for each employee add to the login numbers with a plus.
So, all employees added in this way will be able to log in to the project, using the mail with the prefix number as a login.  

Deleting employees

To delete an employee on the employee list page (in the Company section), you can click on the trash can icon next to the desired employee:

Or open the edit panel of this employee (by clicking on the name) and use the "Delete" button. In the edit panel of the employee, you can also set the dismissal date.
If you cannot open the employee edit panel, then you lack "Edit users" access
You can also not delete employees from the structure at all, but change their status. Then you can activate it at any time, but as long as the status is inactive, the employee will not be able to use the service in your project.