Turn on Editing Mode in the top right corner in order to edit the orgboard by pressing the “pencil” button. This mode is accessible only to employees with the "Edit structure" access right.

You can change the scale of the orgboard by buttons in the top right corner or by keyboard - and +.

General orgboard settings

There is a General Orgboard Settings button in the Edition Mode.

You can specify the default position name for a certain level in the general settings. If the block does not have a position, then the name of the position will be taken from the appropriate setting.

Changing the length and width of blocks

The simplest change you can make is to change the width or height of any block in the structure.

This can be done by hovering the cursor over the edge of the block border, holding down the mouse button and moving it in the desired direction, depending on the task.



Block content editing

If you hover over a block in edit mode, then the block edit button appears in the upper right corner of the block.

You can specify the name, position (if not suitable by default) and the VFP in the block settings.

Adding a block

You can add a new block by clicking on the "+" in the department in which you need a new block:

After you click on this button, a window will appear where you will need to enter the name of the new department and indicate the name of the managerial position in this department (for example, "Manager").

At the same time, the block may be added in the wrong position in relation to the current ones. This can be easily fixed with the Order option.

Additional block settings

Moving blocks

If you want to place block A inside block B, then you should indicate block B in the field “Under the Authority of “of block A. 

Block number

It is displayed before the name of the block, usually it should be indicated only among the blocks of managerial positions.

Blocks order

Now the system has the ability to set the block order using the Order field from the additional block settings.

To put block A in front of another block B, you need to set the Order field for block A to 1 less than for block B.

Please note that after saving the Order field for all blocks will be overwritten and will be a multiple of 10, this is done specifically so that it is always possible to insert a block between blocks.

Hidden block

This setting allows you to hide the block from the orgboard. This technical opportunity is used to hide two dummy blocks above the 7th division. This is necessary to place the 7th division on the organizational chart at the same level as the others, although the owner directly manages this division.