In the Company - Employees section you see a list of all employees in your project. It displays their employment date, main position, profile data, charging status and dismissal date (if the employee is already fired), as well as other data on employees.

Who has access to the data

Most employee data is available for everyone else to view, but there are a number of fields with restrictions:
  • hiring date is viewable only by those who can add users or edit users, as well as those who have "View Hidden Fields" 
  • access firing date is available for viewing only for those who can delete or edit users and for those who have access to "View hidden fields"
The corresponding access is granted to employees in the access rights settings:

Editing employee data

Viewing an employee card is available to all employees, but only employees with the appropriate access ("Edit users", "Add users" and "Delete users" respectively) can edit data or add/delete users. 

Hiring and termination dates

By default, the hiring date is stamped at the moment of inviting an employee to the project. The date of dismissal is at the time of removing the employee from the project. If necessary, you can change the data in these fields to align them with the actual dates from the documents.

You can view the dismissed employees by toggling the corresponding toggle switch in the filters:

Viewing fired is available to the project administrator, as well as an employee with access to view deleted users.


With access to view hidden fields, the employee is also able to view the "Anniversaries" page.
This page displays a list of employees with their upcoming anniversaries. Two types of events are currently available:
  • company anniversary (celebrated 3 months, 6 months, annually) 
  • birthday (celebrated annually)


Status is responsible for whether the employee will be counted in the billing. If the status is off, the user will not be counted in the license, and he will not have access to your project.

This is useful when you need to add employees to the structure, but they will not use the service.
For example, you have handymen or external hired employees, who participate in the company's work, but cannot see the internal data of staff members and do not use the personal account.
You can switch an employee's status only as a project owner or if the owner has given you appropriate access (section "Settings" - "Accesses" - in the "Billing" - "User rating" block). In this case, the user must also have basic access to view the structure.

The main position

Often a single employee can hold several positions in a structure. But, as a rule, one of the occupied positions is the main one for him, and the others are part-time. By default in this case the system takes the highest position in the hierarchy of the structure as the main position, but you can change the value in this field to update it:

To add new fields, open General Settings - > Profile Fields. In the section that opens there will be a list of current fields and a button to add your own field.